Something’s wrong

Posts are not posting.

Fortunately, Kat is at the Farm!

If you see this at 10pm Central, let me know.

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    1. Thank you! Kat (the only daughter who goes by her name here) and her hubby are visiting and are expert at this sort of stuff so I’m leaving it in their hands. SueK and Daughter C, and all my various browsers are pulling up things from as long as a week and a half ago. Hopefully Kat & Tony will figure it out for me.

      I am 15 hrs. out form a tailgate.

      Thankfully, it’s cooled down somewhat.

  1. 24 September…nothing new.

    Where’s this “refresh” button y’all keep talking about??

    We had a power outage (that’ll teach me to brag) that was supposed to be from 9PM to 6AM. Power finally came on about 10AM. So, everything was totally off before it finally came back on…but nothing’s changed. Checked all the thingies at the top, checked the stuff on the side (the dropdown option thing) and haven’t found a “refresh”. So????

    1. Here’s what you should do.

      1. Pull down the History tab. Somewhere you should see “Show all history” or something to that affect. Click on that.

      2. Somewhere on that page you should see “Clear all history.” Clear all history. If you see an option to Clear Cache, do that too.

      3. Quick the browser.

      4. Reopen it & go look and see what you see.

      5. If it’s still showing old stuff, you probably weren’t able to clear the cache.

      6. Refresh / reload. Somewhere on the same line as the URL address bar, you’ll a circle with an arrow. It’s almost always next to the <-- and --> arrows. Hit that. The old page will disappear and — hopefully!– the newest ones will load.

      Good luck! You’re way behind in commenting and we miss you!

  2. Ok…so…I deleted all history of “bigfoodetc”. All 745 histories entries. Still no change on the page. What else can I do?

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