Doesn’t look half bad

Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

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  1. I notice that they use a whisk, not a beater. I like the whisk I bought in Germany umpteen years ago. It has a plastic handle, and at some point in it’s life I left it too close to a heat source…don’t know if it was a burner or in the oven…I don’t remember. At any rate, it resulted in a very slightly bent handle that fits perfectly in my hand. I like it much better than the undamaged slightly larger whisk that I bought sometime later in life.

  2. Life is what it is.
    My only problem is that I’m not sure whether it’s my problem or yours that the updates don’t show up – and I don’t want to miss anything! So…I do the cache clear and reload thing each time, but I’m still never sure there’s not some computer glitch thing so that I’m just passing by some good stuff!

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