Happy New Year

The Big House smells of smoke on account of the fact that I’ve been lightening our few remaining logs with packing paper.

Dinner was outstanding.

There are 37 unwritten posts re: why I hate JoMo.

Texted Max. It’s good to stay in touch with Friends.

Happy New year. I can still smell the smoke from the fire even though I’m self-sequestered back here in the Den.

It’s a good scent.

2 Responses

  1. What…or who…is JoMo?

    _Then_ it will be interesting to find out the how and why of the “hate” part!!

    1. Hate was perhaps too strong. He is a fellow human. He’s never done anything to me personally. And now that he as FINALLY been fired, I can afford to be charitable. JoMo *was* the former head football coach for the Mississippi State Bulldawgs. As of yesterday he is no more.

      And in case you’re wondering, yes. Some folks take college football *way* too seriously.

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