Looks as if we might slip through a crack.

To my untrained eye, it looks as if the very very bad stuff is going to miss us. We shall see. Meanwhile, I had to tell WTVA to please sit down and stop shouting at me. We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. I can hear it! I do not need to be told that lightening has been detected in my area, I inferred that given the thunder, plus my weather station is beeping. Thank you very much.

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  1. When we were in Germany, we went camping one summer in Heidelberg. Heidelberg is located in valley. We had a LOUD thunderstorm, but it was also way dramatic with the thunderclaps echoing back and forth between the mountains (hills?). Memorable to say the least!

    1. I think I told you there was a real thunderstorm when we were in Mendacino a few years ago. We were having supper at a local pub. The thunder was so loud and after everyone just shut up. Was told true thunderstorms are really rare there.

      1. We don’t have them very often here either. When we do, it’s usually pretty obvious that the mountains about 3 miles (straight line) north of us bears the brunt of it. Once in a great while we’ll have one that seems to break right over us, but if it happens once a year, I’d be surprised. Maybe once every 5 years or so. Maybe.
        Generally, if the weather report says 20-30% chance of rain, we don’t get it. They get it north of us. It almost has to be 50% before we really have a chance of rain. 40% and I tarp hay…just to be on the safe side. Hay costs too much to take chances!

  2. Glad the worst of the weather went around you. It seems to have gone around us too. Also escaped the threat of freezing rain downing powerlines. It was mostly sleet and then snow. But of course the winter is still young…

    1. Yeah. We dodged it except for a lot of rain. Wind never really picked up too much here. Everywhere around us was bad though. Storm so strong it knocked about 30 train cars off the track! Pictures I’m seeing on twitter don’t look good in lots of places. Some places got as much as 5″ of rain, and now the wind has picked up. Not good. Glad I don’t have anywhere I have to go today.

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