Mending day

Today I patched a pair of Mr. Big Food’s School Pants.

I also hemmed my new Mac. It was 4″ too long. I am a SM WOman and the smallest size available was a SM Man.

I cogitated over this and then let the Southern RedNeck in me direct me.

I marked off 4″. I folded it over. And I duck taped it. Fits perfectly.

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  1. I have a sewing machine. Somewhere. I don’t think my eyes are good enough any more to thread the needle. I think I could see the duct tape though!!

    And I still have fabric from when I _did_ sew. I think I quit about the time that the fabrics all came from China, and it cost as much to buy the fabric for something as it did to buy whatever it was you were trying to make.

    I used to make the boys pajamas for Halloween…add a cape, and they loved being Superman or Batman and the rest of the outfit took care of ‘jammies for the rest of the year!

    Hmmm. Do we ship cotton to China for them to make fabric to send back to us? or…where do they get cotton from – I don’t think they have a climate warm enough to grow cotton. So much I don’t know!!

    1. Heh. I needed to tread a needle with that thick thread you need for mending jeans and I just could not do it. So I found an embroidery needle.

      I still have some of the fancy dresses I made the girls long ago. My God it was a lot of work! But I enjoyed it.

      And I have no idea where our cotton goes after it leave the gin. I should look into that.

    1. Okay. That smoker made out of a filing cabinet was truly awesome. What a great idea.

      I also not that a fair number of these redneck hacks involve duct tape. Not surprising.

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