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Guide to Daily Reading | 3/29/20 |Liberation!

Liberated this day in the year 1536, Bonnivard (The Guide to Reading: The Pocket University Volume XXIII. 1925. (2 ns)) François Bonivard (or Bonnivard; 1493–1570)[1][2] was a nobleman, ecclesiastic, historian, and Geneva patriot at the time of the Republic of Geneva. His life was the inspiration for Lord Byron‘s 1816 poem The Prisoner of Chillon. He was a partisan of the Protestant Reformation, and

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The National Emergency Library

An email from Internet archive. Let me remind you that I have, at last count, approx. 3430 crappy old books in my library. (Approx. Some titles slip in, fewer slip out, without begin properly recorded.) I have been recently frustrated by not having the time to find some Guide to Daily Readings poems/essays among them–

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