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Guide to Daily Reading | 3/29/20 |Liberation!

Liberated this day in the year 1536, Bonnivard (The Guide to Reading: The Pocket University Volume XXIII. 1925. (2 ns)) François Bonivard (or Bonnivard; 1493–1570)[1][2] was a nobleman, ecclesiastic, historian, and Geneva patriot at the time of the Republic of Geneva. His life was the inspiration for Lord Byron‘s 1816 poem The Prisoner of Chillon. He was a partisan of the Protestant Reformation, and

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is only a day away. The Good Lord Willing and Weather Permitting, I’m taking a stroll to the Hidden Pasture tomorrow. With the Dogs. Won’t you join me? Check back tomorrow late morning.

The National Emergency Library

An email from Internet archive. Let me remind you that I have, at last count, approx. 3430 crappy old books in my library. (Approx. Some titles slip in, fewer slip out, without begin properly recorded.) I have been recently frustrated by not having the time to find some Guide to Daily Readings poems/essays among them–

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