The world shuts down

and Spring carries on.

I just stepped outside. In the middle of 60 acres.

It’s raucous out there! It’s warm. It’s March in Mississippi. There are flying insects invading our glasses of adult beverages.

It’s Spring.

The gold finches are really really gold. The blue birds really blue.

It’s spring!

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  1. My eyes have been itching like crazy. It doesn’t really seem like spring here, but then, both the plus and minus of so Cal is that all the days are pretty much the same. However…we did have some rain a couple of nights ago. Not much…I mean _really_ not much!… but when I went out in the morning, there were puddles in the driveway lined with yellow pollen. I don’t see anything blooming…it’s probably either the pines or the Eucalyptus…but whichever it is…I’m allergic! Ah well. It’s not the virus!!

  2. Got it..
    And you’re probably right…it’s probably pine pollen.

    And I haven’t looked for frozen concentrates recently so am unaware of presence or absence…think I’ll check it out next time I’m shopping!

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