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Mary Poppins | I did not remember there was so much animation

That pretty much sums it up. It’s a great movie. Only $3.99 for 48 hours. In-Laws are loving it. Singing along. As we all are. We will finish it up tomorrow night. Jane & Michael Banks are going to go to work with their dad, George. Marry Poppins has arranged this. George will have his

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2:30 Seemed a bit early

For a whole pot so I just made a pour over. Looks seriously terrible down round Waco.

Safer-in-Place Patriotic Disobedience

I was asked to read this aloud when I returned to the truck. I managed okay. Today we took a drive. With the exception of one brief excursion to Starkvegas when Mr. Big Food’s Dad tagged along, the In-Laws have not left The Farm. They’ve been here nearly four weeks. It was time. Everyone loaded

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Mary Poppins

We finished up High Society between 5:30 & 6. We had an early dinner on account of the fact that we are accommodating the In-Laws who like to eat early. (Frankly, dinner before 7 is uncivilized. But Mr. Big Food & I are an accommodating pair.) They liked High Society. And so we were chatting

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How about a walk around?

Big day in the garden! Real progress getting back to where we should have been six months ago. It was a gorgeous day and things are starting to pop. Sometime in mid-November we had a real cold spell– before things had gone good and dormant. Gardenias took a real hit, as did the Italian cypress.

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