Covered Casseroles

<short rant> F*ck you If It Doesn’t Give You Joy Today Chick</short rant>

So. If you, like me, like poking around junk stores, you will have come across abandoned sets of dishes with not the right number of plates and an over abundance of covered casseroles.

Who serves things in covered casseroles these days?

Well. In the Year of Our Lord 2020 when we prepare meals in the Kitchen of the Big House and transport said meals via decorative trays to the quarantined residents of the Apartment, Covered Casseroles come in right handy.

I mean. FFS. (Pardon my language.) Slap a hunk of pot roast and gravy in one covered casserole, put the lid on. Gently place a vegetable soufflé in another, dose with gravy, put the lid on.

I am not kidding. I never, in my wildest TEOTWAWKI dreams thought that Covered Casserole Dishes would be so important.