Deeply disturbing

I cannot find my little orange notebook in which are recorded all of the specifications for all of my when-the-lights-go-out gizmos and thingies, and data from all of the observations I’ve made about charging times, run times, recharging times under AC vs solar conditions.

This is deeply disturbing.

Where could it be?

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  1. Where would you put it so you’d know you could find it? Maybe with other “emergency” stuff?

    1. No. It should be sitting right over there with my other notebooks. Right on top of the red one which is on top of the black one which had all of my contacts info in paper and pencil form.

      And it’s not there. You know me, SueK. You know me to be a well-organized person. There may be clutter on top of things, but at bottom, I am well organized.

      That’s why this is so distressing.

  2. I know the feeling. When I “know” where something is, and it isn’t there, I usually find it’s fallen down and behind something. That means down to the bare wood, underneath and behind…it all has to come out!
    And I also understand the contact info on paper.
    My concern – at the ages we are – is that passwords for all sorts of sites has to be available – but not _too_ available. And I can’t very well put it on line. Can’t even put it on my computer, given the possibility of hacking we always hear about.
    So…I sympathize. Wish I could help!!

    1. Thanks! Unless it accidentally fell into the waste basket, I know it will turn up. And there’s not a lot of info that I don’t know in a rough and ready sense. I just want the find the stupid thing!

      I have another notebook in which I have my passowrds and addresses and phone numbers. Comes in handy!

  3. I hope you find your notebook. I have a similar one. It is turquoise and I call it “my brain”. I’d be lost without mine.

    1. Oh! there’s a thing called Otto’s Brain. It’s a stupid philosophical thing. You should look it up.

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