Talking to you as if I’m talking to myself

Whoa. Bad weather coming. I don’t think the weather guys are making this up.

So. What’s to be done?

Seriously? Do you not think I am on this?

I have a list.

Good evening.

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    1. I think in a general sense but not in a having experienced it sense. That’s a big difference. They are not accustomed to country living. So for example, whether or not there will be tornados right here, there will be high wind gusts. I look at that gum tree at the corner of the apartment, and I see potential disaster. I see the two chairs up on their porch and I see a shattered window.

      So when he said, “we’ll be fine up here” all I can think of is that they are sitting ducks up there! There’s no windowless closet to retreat to.

      We are going to insist that they come down to the big house this evening before it starts raining. The place is big enough to keep our distances. Plus– since I’m the only one who has contact with the outside world anymore, I’m the only one who should not be in close contact.

  1. Guess you’re going to your room! Son gets to fix a nice meal for his parents, and you get to read!

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