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Pardon my language

Shit. It’s the red over there that bothers me. Update. I was out just before sundown. Humm. Not liking what I’m seeing but then again, I am no expert. [Coughs up hairball.]

Good Evening. There is not going to be a researched daily reading today.

On this day in 1814 Napoleon abdicated at Fountainbleu. Daily Reading 4/11/20 Bryon’s Ode to Napoleon Bounaparte. Look it up. On this day in the year of our Lord 2020, I prepared for Mr. Big Food’s Dad and Mr. Big Food’s Mom to sequester themselves in the front bedroom of The Big House, which is

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This does not look good

Are you seeing that? Gusts up to 50mph. Here’s what it looks like right now: I’ve got things to do!