From time to time

I get my knockers in a knot and reflect on crappy old things like the Bill of Rights, The Grievances from which they were spawned, 1066, The 99 Theses– you know, crappy old stuff that defines the moments that allow me to get my knickers in knots.

This be one of those times.

[Insert text of First Amendment Here]

Rights have corresponding Responsibilities. I’m not on the ground seeing what churches are doing viz. services. But I’m pretty sure what was done in Greenville, Mississippi (and other places, according to news (cough) reports) this weekend violated a whole bunch of Rights, not limited to the First Amendment.

The unit of analysis in a Democratic Republic is the Individual. I am getting really sick and tired of the non-individual we can’t beat this without a sense of community tripe. As if individuals live isolated lives.

Most individuals do not live isolated lives. We consider ourselves as one of two individuals in a pair. One of four in a family of four. In my case, I am one of … I gotta write this down and will go no further than our parents and our kids… One my side, I have my mother and my brother (+ our spawn +their pair-bonded others & spawn). That’s 13 freaking people. On Mr. Big Food’s Side, he’s got a Mom & Dad… so an additional five, not to mention the fact that he’s got a lot more – – generation people he knows in his fam than I do. Point is, we’re connected with at least 18 people. We are not living isolate lives.

The very fact that Mr. Big Food’s Dad and Mom are currently living here on the Farm is testament to that.

So. The Unit of Analysis is the Individual. But Individuals are Connected. Reason that out.

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    1. Yep. Lost power for a while late yesterday but that was after dinner and a movie so no big deal. Other parts of the state did not fair too well. Eleven fatalities in all.

  1. There’s no telling where those things “choose” to go…but they sure do a lot of damage wherever they go.
    My daughter is living on the “tornado trail” in Oklahoma, so I get to worry about her every year during the season, but so far, the tornadoes have chosen a different pathway over the last few years – for which I am grateful!

    At least in Ca we just have earthquakes!

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