Just another Saturday

Make shift fire pit.

Mid-morning yesterday my phone rang. I looked down at it and smiled. I answered, and after a pleasantry or two my friend Neil from That School Up North (Ol’ Miss) said, “So, Marica. I have a couple of gardening questions for you.”

This happens two or three times a year. Mind, Neil’s a smart guy and he knows how to read a book and work the internet, but he calls me to ask questions. So we chatted about his damping-off problem, the virtues and vices of raised vs. in-ground beds, drainage issues, investment in asparagus, cantaloupe vs. watermelon in our climate, and such.

Naturally, we then spent some few obligatory minutes discussing current events and states of affairs. I commented that I was glad we lived in Mississippi and Neil said, “I know, right?” His friends who live elsewhere are doing considerable poorer than we. And then it was back to gardening.

Forty-five minutes of pleasant conversation focused largely on dirt, seeds, and vegetables.

Mid-afternoon my phone beeped at me– a text. I smiled. After some consultation with Mr. Big Food, a clarifying phone call, and a couple of hours, our friend Mike was here on The Farm! Rocky & Missy were ecstatic. Hadn’t seen Mike in a coon’s age.

We had a lovely dinner with Mr. Big Food’s Mom and Mr. Big Food’s Dad. Poor Mike had to eat at the dining room table while we supped at the breakfast table, but since it’s just one big room we all enjoyed some nice catching up conversation. The Apartment residents then retired to their home and we went to the patio. Given the chill in the air, very early the subject of fire pits presented itself.

What a great idea, huh? This is exactly why everyone should have an unused Weber grill in his or her Workshop just waiting to be turned into a make shift fire pit to be enjoyed with friends on an April Saturday evening.

And would you look at that distancing!