How about a walk around?

Big day in the garden! Real progress getting back to where we should have been six months ago. It was a gorgeous day and things are starting to pop.

Sometime in mid-November we had a real cold spell– before things had gone good and dormant. Gardenias took a real hit, as did the Italian cypress. They are currently trying. If this little rose is any indication, they’ll be okay.

I am a big fan of letting things go to seed. This marks the third (fourth?) year in a row the bachelor buttons have come back. I was half-way temped to pull it when I saw it but you know, if you make the effort to sprout in a crack in the sidewalk, who am I to pull you out?

Who doesn’t love this sedum?
And irises?
Another self-sower
Wild roses and honeysuckle in the berry patch, thanks to The J-Man!
More irises. Blueberries are in there! Needs work, I know.
Volunteer cherry tomatoes