Mary Poppins

We finished up High Society between 5:30 & 6. We had an early dinner on account of the fact that we are accommodating the In-Laws who like to eat early. (Frankly, dinner before 7 is uncivilized. But Mr. Big Food & I are an accommodating pair.)

They liked High Society. And so we were chatting around ideas for the next movie. It was Mr. Big Food’s suggestion.

Mary Poppins.

And around the dinner table, we all got to hummin’ our favorites. The floating on the air song. The poor pigeon song.

Jane & Michael Banks.

In all seriousness, …

Well, never mind. We are all getting old.

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  1. “We are all getting old.”

    There’s only one alternative…!

    We watch a lot of the old tv shows. Most of the actors we’re familiar with from long ago are dead and gone. Some of the youngsters are still around, but not many.
    Time passes.

    1. Indeed.

      John’s buddy who gave us the Dummies and Jack is looking into a cow for us.

      1. Not a cow…a calf!!!
        Cow = adult female bovine
        Calf = male (entire or castrated) or female bovine, usually about 4-6 months, but up to about a year, at which time they become yearlings.

        Normally butchered at about 12-15 months. Or bred – usually at about 10 months. I suspect that’s not what you’d be looking for!

      2. He said “cow for beef” and Doug knows us so I’ll bet we’ll be okay. But we will be more clear in the future! Doug also knows we don’t really know the lingo!

  2. If its an option…and if he’s talking calves, try to get two even if you have to pay for one. You have pasture for two, and two will be happier than one, and come a year or so from now, you can keep one for the freezer (or half of one) and sell the other. If it’s an option…!
    The situation on meat production is getting pretty iffy…! a year from now it may be all good…but you have grass and who knows!

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