Safer-in-Place Patriotic Disobedience

I was asked to read this aloud when I returned to the truck. I managed okay.

Today we took a drive. With the exception of one brief excursion to Starkvegas when Mr. Big Food’s Dad tagged along, the In-Laws have not left The Farm. They’ve been here nearly four weeks. It was time.

Everyone loaded up in the freshly-vacuumed-and-as-free-of-dog-hair-as-is-possible truck, and we picked our way through some back roads. Saw a turkey and some classic Mississippi scenery (double wides not shown). Wound up at our destination, The North Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

It has been open only a couple of years and I’d guess only a few dozen souls are remembered here thus far. We paid our respects and then drove through the nearest McD’s for ice cream cones– Mr. Big Food’s Dad’s treat.

If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
          In Flanders fields.

UPDATE. That was yesterday. I see I neglected to hit “publish.” It was a busy evening. We had two– two!!– different visitors. One concerning felled trees, and the other, turkeys.