Karate Kid

So the life goes on.

Mr. Big Food went to work today. He did some Skpying from back in the Bunkhouse. I engaged the new weedwacker. Daughter C’s garden and the grape patch are looking good. I suffered an injury. Mr. Big Food heard me scream, “OUCH,” and came running. Farming is dangerous work. No broken skin. Ice.

It was Marica cooks Wednesday. Homemade deep dish pizza. On account of the chilly temps and wind, the In-Laws bailed from the Patio into the Big House early. Supper was good. The In-Laws retreated to the Apartment.

And then Mr. Big Food and I fed Jack & the dummies.

And then, as we not always but frequently do, we looked for a movie. I chose Stand by Me but the DVD player back here in the Den did not like that movie, so I picked myself up, again, and went back into the Bunkhouse, again, and picked another movie.

The DVD player liked our next choice. So on a 3×6′ rectangle, with pillows propped just so, on a 60 acre Farm, Mr. Big Food and I watched The Karate Kid.

What a great movie! I don’t mean classic great. But on a Wednesday evening after pizza night when we just want to watch a film– who could ask for anything better than the swan position to wack the big bully right upside the head?

Just what we needed.

Of course when the credits rolled, neither of us could call it a night. Which is why I can tell you that the sky is beautifully clear, and Mr. big Food has cleared a path to the percolator.

Good night!

5 Responses

  1. Looks like _lots_ of olives! I thought at first that it was a baked something with _lots_ of chocolate chips! That would have been my first choice…!
    However…I don’t see any onions or any green peppers..
    Tomatoes..of course. Wouldn’t be pizza without tomatoes. Ham and pineapple do not count in my book. Not that I have a problem with either…but they simply do not belong on pizza!

    People sure do have different ideas about what’s yummy!

    1. Onions are there! I beg to differ about the pineapple. I really like ham and pineapple on pizza!

  2. “People sure do have different ideas about what’s yummy!”

    Yup yup!!!

    1. I saw that one. The problem is, especially when there are so many good ones, choosing. And I try to stay apolitical as uch as possible though the political ones today were good.

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