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Only movie except for that last one that John Wayne ever died in.

Okay. Now that I think about it, I guess he’s already dead in Liberty Valance. But he didn’t die in Liberty Valance.

It’s a medias res thing. Ask Missy.

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  1. “Magnificent Seven”
    Original version only – NOT the remake, although I really like Denzel Washington normally…just not this time. Everybody makes mistakes, and I think this was one of his.
    Watching the old (old old _VERY_ old) shows on TV, it’s very …. ummmmm…. time passing awareness making when you see actors looking very young and realize that they’re dead.
    Or Ron Howard….we see him as a 5 or year old youngster in The Andy Griffith Show, then last night, as a very young soldier in MASH (supposedly 15 pretending to be 19 to get into the military) while recognizing that now he’s a bald 50? year old movie producer.
    It’s kind of hard to take the days passing and make them into years, but years they become!

    1. Okay. The Mag 7 is an all time favorite of ours. I mean my god! How does it get any better? The speech Charles Bronson gives to the boys about their fathers being heroes! Coburn’s knife throwing. Even the bad guy, Calvera, is wonderful. OMG. And then there’s the funeral march. And so on.

  2. One of my favorite John Wayne roles was as Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit” and then again in the movie “Rooster Cogburn” with Katherine Hepburn. After decades of him being the always good hero it was nice to see him as a rascal.

    1. Love True Grit & Rooster. His horse was named Beau– until it was shot, that is! Your rascal comment made me smile!

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