What I have so far

Working on it.

Trying to convince Kat that it’s low level coding. I mean. If you can code, and if, in Tony’s case you can do logic & beyond, you can diagram.

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  1. I think it’s going to be
    coach/drove/to gate but I don’t remember the “to gate” format. “to gate” modifies drove?
    I think coach is the subject, drove is the verb…but there are so many various modifiers that it’s hard to get them all in place. And I don’t find an object direct or indirect…maybe “to gate” is indirect object?

    “large family” modifies coach, “with two fat horses in blazing harness” modifies coach, as does “driven by a fat coachman” and “with two fat horses in blazing harness”

    Wow…. it’s going to take a very wide piece of paper!!

    It’s been a L O N GGG time since I diagrammed!!!

    1. I am puzzled by there b/c what you’re saying sounds correct. Trying to find an example of a similar sentence.

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