Dinner & a Movie | Joplin & The Sting

I was scrounging the Apartment the other day looking for things Mom would be interested in. I came across a CD– left by Daughter C & The J-Man– titled “Dinner Music.” I went to the storeroom, found a mini-boombox, plugged it in and previewed “Dinner Music.” It was not. But it did remind me that we had a delightful CD of Itzhak Perlman doing Scott Joplin. So we listened.

Dinner was Tuesday Southern Vegetarian Night. Delicious. No bones. Just a pound of bacon. Southern Vegetarian.

Listening to Joplin reminded us of The Sting. So we pulled it up and watched the whole thing while relaxing on a 3.5′ x 6′ space back here in the Den on 60 acres.

What a great movie!