I can think of no good reason

why we shouldn’t just go ahead and have a tropical storm, can you?

I’ll be getting things in order throughout the day. May even venture out to the the old Dollar General to see why sort of trouble I can find. JK. I don’t go looking for trouble.

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  1. The report I saw said that it would hit Mexico with between 10 and 30 inches of rain!
    I can’t even imagine that much rain.

  2. I thought SA was going to get hit…warned my son to be prepared. But the report this AM looks like it isn’t expected to hug the coast, but will be going straight north and _YOU_ are the likely target! So…looks like the morning trek to enjoy the outdoors was probably a good move! Looks like Sat or Sun is going to be mighty wet! Good for the grass…
    Do the rabbits come out in the rain?? or hide out? but they’re underground – do they get flooded? Questions I never thought much about!

    1. I keep looking at pressures and satellite and air movement and I’m not seeing how it sustains right now. The pressure isn’t all that low. But we’ll see. I do think today is the day I run though the preps and stuff just to be on the safe side. As you know power outages and flooding are the two main worries.

      I have seen rabbits in a gentle rain. Are they underground? I thought in underbrush thickets. Either way, don’t know what happens when their little dwelling are flooded. One more thing to look up!

    2. About the dogs– they can go for 2 or 3 days without a regulation run. After that, and even though they’re getting older, they get antsy! (Like the rest of us!)

  3. We have a Dobie female, about 8 years old. She’s a rescue, so we don’t know for sure, but based on the fact that when we adopted her in Sept, the rescue had spayed her and found that she was in early stage of pregnancy, and apparently had not had pups prior, we assume that she was in her first heat, so somewhere between 9 and 15 months old at that point.
    I take her down to a local area and give her a run every day. It keeps her relaxed. She especially likes that when we get home, she gets fed. She’s _very_ habitual. She practically has a clock in her head! She also considers the car _hers_. I sort of suspect that at some time in her life, she lived in a car. The car is her safe spot. She is so brave – if she’s in the car. She’s ready to take on any dog she sees! Put her out, though and she’s a total wimp! Won’t even go sniffy with any of them!
    “Mom! I want in the car!!” When we’re by the railroad track, if a train comes by, if she can’t get _in_ the car, she wants to be under it.

    Have you ever seen the movie “The Doberman Gang” ? Great movie. The training they give those dogs is amazing! Kid level movie, but still enjoyable, and while I know that the dogs all look alike and they probably use “duplicate” dogs for some of the required actions…they’re still terrific! We’ve had 4 Dobies. We really like them. They don’t chase the animals. Well…except our present one is terrible about cats. Doesn’t do diddley squat about ground squirrels or rabbits, but cats..! Yowzez!!

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