It’s five o’clock somewhere

The Apartment is Empty, after nine weeks.

We just got The Call. The In-Laws have made it safely back to their home in Texas.

I’m not a particularly religious person, but if I were, I’d say, “Praise Jesus.”

They left this morning a few minutes after 8. So, 13 hours or so. That’s hard core when you’re 80+.

4 Responses

  1. Has life at their facility returned to normal??
    Are they happy to be back?
    I was thinking it would be kind of funny if they decided that life on your 60 acres was preferable to the senior facility they chose…

    1. No. It’s not normal. They have really strict rules, but they’re for safety sake. But some things are opening up. They can make appointments for haircuts, etc. And they’ve figured out a way for family to visit. Large open canopy tents in the courtyard. Slowly… .

      Like everything else, we’ll just wait and see. I think one of the things they missed as the social interaction. Not that there’s much of it at their place now, but… . One big reason tehy wanted to get back is that they were on the list for a new apartment, one with a balcony and a bit bigger. And that one opened up. But you can’t move if you’re not there!

  2. I’m glad the in-laws are safely back to their old home. I hope things are back to “normal enough” that they won’t regret the return.

    1. They kept the door open! “We may be back.” And they are welcome. But everyone is hoping there will be no need.

      So far no regrets. Thrilled to have haircuts!

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