Today we went to Southaven

I will be completely honest with you, I paid no attention to what was goin on in Southaven. Southaven is the uber smart suburb of Memphis, just to the south– in Mississippi. No one with a brain inside his skull wants to live any where near Memphis. Memphis is bleeding all over Southaven. So there are brainless skulls invading Southaven.

Didn’t matter. We were there and then we left, and aside from dodging the free spirit folks on I-55 who do not understand what the lines mean, we made it back to the Farm without incident.

To our credit, we did venture outside out comfort zone. We strolled into the parking lot of NO WAY JOSE in Grenada and called in an order. Never in my wildest dreams would I have paired a baked potato with a fajita, but man, it worked.

And then Mr. Big Food suggested that we watch Planet of the Apes.

I remembered that movie as a testament to how we shouldn’t be doing research on apes.

Oh! I forgot to mention that on the way home we got to listen to how the SEC and the NCAA don’t like the Mississippi flag.

Screw you.

And then, on the Mississippi Sports Talk show, we got to listen to the Speaker of The House explaining what it would take to … .

Pardon my language but I am so sick and mother fucking tired of this.

As I know you all are.

I will return tomorrow with a better attitude. Tomorrow is The Week in Pictures!

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  1. Ummmm…so …. don’t listen to it?
    We don’t have any control over what they’re doing – at least not until November – so turn them off!! .
    Of course, you’re in the car…but you don’t have any music stations?
    I have a car – currently on loan to my son – with a center “bump” that holds 6 – six!! – CDs! You feed them into the “radio” section and they just disappear. Then they play as required. I’ve been told that newer cars don’t have a cd option. That would be disappointing! But I’m on my last cars, I think. I actually have two – a 2006 car (with the multiple CD option) and a 2007 that allows me to play one at a time. I don’t usually mess with that one – we have KUSC that plays classical music all the time, so I go with that option. No politics. If I want politics, I’ll watch them on TV or read various stuff on-line. But…not in the car!! They’ll get you all agitated and next thing you know, you have an accident!!!

    1. No being in a small sports oriented state, I can understand how you’d feel like this, but It’s important to keep up with this local stuff.

      Take Starkville– where State is. It has a total population of just under 25,000, not including students. MSU hosts a lot of SEC (southeastern conference) athletic events. And they draw a ton of people to the area. If the NCAA and SEC prohibit MSU from hosting these events, local economy is severely affected. Now imagine that all of the universities in the state are prohibited. That not only tanks the economy, it has all sorts of downstream affects. Loss of students. Bad reputation for the schools. Inability to attract good faculty. Down down down.

      Everyone and his brother know the flag needs to be changed. But there’s a procedure. And what is the point of punishing the students for something that they have absolutely no control over?

      So it’s important that we keep up to speed. How are our state reps going to vote if there is a vote to put the issue up for a vote in November?

      Stuff like that.

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