Prepping for The First Meeting of The Farm Circle

This is supposed to emulate (is that the right word, Missy?) a bar/restaurant sidewalk sign.

OMG. I spelled “PHILOSOPHERS” wrong. Well. ^O. I can fix that. It’s a sidewalk sign for a bar. What do you want? Consider it part of its charm.

Mr. Big Food asked folks to bring apps for the social hour after the talk. They’ll email him and I’ll hand write the menu for the week.

Thinking about what to put in the empty space and was thinking about BAR RULES. (I learned long long ago that the way to phrase rules is “Please do this.” That would have been in two-thousand aught six? When we had our Annual Independence Day celebration at the Bunker.) But the PHILSOPHERS don’t need rules. So what to put in the empty space?

Silly cartoons! This is a job for Mr. Big Food. He can find a silly cartoon applicable to each talk.