Cleaning the Garage

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  1. That doll is scary looking. I wonder if it can be repaired to look “friendly”…
    I have a bunch of doll parts that I inherited from my Mom…don’t know what to do with them…there used to be a doll repair place in town, but I don’t think it’s around any more. Not in the same place it used to be, but maybe somewhere else. I haven’t looked yet, but must do it soon – or they’re all going to get trashed. That might be where they’ll end up anyway..I don’t know. Never did the doll thing.
    I did end up with a Princess Di doll, but that’s not really the same category.

    1. This is not a doll! It’s a mannequin. It came from an old JCP store years ago. The girls tell me that there’s some place on line where I can find new eyes for her. That would help. But I’m neither a doll nor a mannequin person so I don’t know what I’d do with her. Put her in a closet somewhere!

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