The Farm Circle | July 10

The Newbies from Up North brought a Delightful Assortment of Cheese from the Kroger Cheese Shop

The talk was good and generated a lot of discussion.

If i could type instead of picking out letters that make up words with my left hsnd, i woul hsvr s ly

See what i mean?

I figured out how to make dictation work in Pages. That should help.

What i’d really like to talk about is the social hour introduction to Mississippi that the Newbie Northerners got from the Native Mississippians. But that’s not happening this evening.

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  1. that’s an interesting assortment of cheeses…not even sure what to think about them arriving in the store wrappers. As a very young child I learned that even if your brought something store-bought, you made sure it arrived on your own dish and attractively arranged.

    1. I tend to agree but there were mitigating circumstances which make it excusable. They have been in Starkvegas about 10 days. When John sent out the reminder about the talk and appetizer contribution, Manny replied that they have no stuff yet, just what they moved with in their car. Movers don’t come til this week. So he asked if there was something from a restaurant or store, and John told him Kroger had a nice cheese shop. And they brought good crackers. So under the circumstances… . And I had no idea what sorts they were bringing, so I winged it with cheese boards & plates!

      Oh. I had meant to post about this Saturday but… . JoBeth’s Summer Cocktail was a hit! I did as you recommended and made about 6 servings in a nice glass pitcher ahead of time, snd then did individual cocktails. Very refreshing!

      That rosemary infused gin can stand alone. Love it!

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