The good news is the house is clean. The bad news is it won’t stay that way for six weeks.

Would you look how dusty that hospital computer screen is!

This is a mild to moderate displacement of the distal radius, and a minor fracture of the distal ulna, of my right arm/wrist.

Want to take a guess as to who is proximately responsible for my tripping up the first step on my way to take the dogs out this morning?

That’s correct. Our friend, Missy.

I am not an emergency room sort of fellow but after a couple of hours of ice and a splint it did not take much to convince me a trip to town might be in order.

Blogging may be light. Blogging may be heavy. What else am I supposed to do? READ??

As I said, the house, Bunkhouse, and Apartment are all clean and prettified. But I was all set up to do some ironing during the afternoon heat for the next week. That’s a disappointment.

Wish us luck.

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  1. Ouch!!! I’ve managed to avoid that sort of thing, but age can be a risky process! I try to avoid hazardous situations…but especially when you have critters – whatever type they are – hazardous situations abound!

    Hope it heals without a lot of pain!

    1. Current one is. But I see the bone guy tomorrow. If reset surgery is in my future… who knows?

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