The Silver Lining

Beginning in the middle. Wrist functionality is all about angles.

My angles are way off. I say this as someone who has experience looking at radiographs. Surgery is scheduled.

Daughter C asked if The J-Man should come to the farm.

Mr. Big Food said it was a good idea, he’d thought of it independently.

So the J-Man may be coming to the farm!!

Putting my wrist 30 degrees out of alignment seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to get the J-Man back on the Farm. But if that’s what it takes… .

Wondering if this was what Missy was angling for?

Wonder if ‘Phen would be allowed to take a road trip to the Farm with Uncle J?

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  1. Well…I wouldn’t say it was worth the damage…but it would make it a bit more tolerable!

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