Enough about the blog.

Let’s talk about me.

Just kidding. Though I will say that when we went to the hospital today to get my pre-op things done, it was empty. Which we were fine with.

How exciting is it that the J-Man is coming back to the Farm to be our right-hand man (snort) for the surgery/post-surgery experience? Pretty damned exciting! That’s how exciting.

The J-Man is bringing Bebe! That may very well be enough to get Missy & Rocky to break their silence. It’s hard to stay silent around Bebe. Most folk would say it’s hard to get a word in edgewise around her, but we here on the Farm like a good spirited challenge.

Off to have Starkvegas Asian Market carry out and watch Indiana Jones #2.

Enjoy your evening. TWiP will be along first thing tomorrow, Good Lord Willing & the Creek Don’t Rise.

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    1. I just looked to see what you had found. The urban dictionary is down right mean! But trust me, there’s a lot more to do in Starkvegas than neighboring towns. There are even two districts where kids can walk around with drinks outside when bar hopping! And you can buy beer on Sunday!!

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