The New Me

One-handed me simply cannot pull my hair back. Two-handed Mr. Big Food simply couldn’t get the hang of it. And trust me, at 7:30am when the temperature is 80* and the humidity is 85%, I really want to pull my hair back before I go outside. And so, in the continuing adventure of 2020, we made appointments and got our hairs cut!

2 Responses

  1. Lucky you!! Here in sunny Ca, all the barber shops are closed. My husband hasn’t had a hair cut in ??? 5 ??? months!!!! He really _REALLY_ needs one! No, I have no intention of doing it myself. I did my boys, but that was then and now is now!

    1. I gave John 3 haircuts. Comb. Buzzers. Cut random chunks of hairs to random shorter lengths. Randomly. Was talking with the pro yesterday about my random strategy and she said I had approached it perfectly. If you have no idea what you’re doing, just start cutting. Randomly! Made me feel good but his hair looks so much better when she does it!

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