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The world’s first solar panels

I spent a delightful 50+ minutes this afternoon chatting about plant physiology– and popular misconceptions about such– with Kat. At issue is the idea that less than perfect leaves should be wacked off the plant so as to allow the plant to channel its good intensions to more desirable parts of the plant. What poppycock.

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Deets died. Gus died.

The little Irish boy got swarmed by a nest of cotton mouths. Lonesome Dove. What a great mini-series. Life was rough back in the crappy olden days.

What to make of this?

Picked up supper at The Asian Market in Starkvegas yesterday. Business was hopping! Dine in is still not open but the takeout orders were stacked up and it was only 5:30. Good to see. Lots of new people working there and the Help Wanted sign was still up. FYI for those who know the store,

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I just texted The Girls

“As I suspected, and as none of the local forecasters noticed, there’s a shit ton of thunder and lightning going on right now.” To which M Miss and replied “How rude of them.” And I said, “Inconsiderate.” You would have thought they’d have seen this coming.