NWS Twitter

National Weather Service Twitter is not bad Twitter as Twitter goes. I follow a lot of NWS accounts from all directions (and including all directions around The Girls). As happens with every impending event(s), the Gulf accounts are starting to tweet out “useful” graphics and lists. This is nice.

But. Do they ever consider that they are preaching to the choir? I know I’ve talked about this before, but if you are so far gone that you follow NWS on Twitter, don’t you probably already have 6 WAYS to get weather info?


Weather Radio. Any decent NOAA weather radio is going to have multiple sources of power: AC; rechargeable lithium ion battery; standard AA batteries; solar. It will also have an alert function. It should be able to tune in FM & AM bands (partially covering Local TV and Radio). The only assumptions I see built into this recommendation are that one knows how to find the local NWS weather band (there are only six, I think, repeated again and again across the country), be familiar with using it, and have spare batteries if needed.

Wireless Emergency Alerts or Weather Apps. Absolutely. Don’t run out of battery.

Local TV and Radio: A NOAA weather radio w/Am & FM covers radio, in part. Only one thing plays at a time. But who– besides that if it does not give you joy you don’t need it chick– doesn’t have a spare crappy old CD player w/ radio in her workshop? Be sure you have batteries, and that you know the location in your house were reception is best for the pull up antenna. And what local stations are best.

Television is more problematic. An ordinary home has TVs that require electricity, as do the cable/satellite rigs. The assumption is that you have power. Let me make this point, though. 6 WAYS is classic Department of Redundancy Department thinking.

Internet. Here’s the rub, right. I should make a chart. Providing the satellite tower is functional, BIG ASSUMPTION, I can keep our internet on using a Power Station. That’s assuming the tower is functional

Chat! Seriously? All Well And Good for a low level situation. Assumes your have chat/text power, and can charge your phone.

I will make a chart.