What to make of this?

Picked up supper at The Asian Market in Starkvegas yesterday. Business was hopping! Dine in is still not open but the takeout orders were stacked up and it was only 5:30. Good to see. Lots of new people working there and the Help Wanted sign was still up. FYI for those who know the store, they’ve put in two new enclosed refrigerated sections for produce.


It could have been an extremely stale fortune cookie. Didn’t eat it, so don’t know. What’s the shelf life of a fortune cookie?

Could be a good fortune. I would love to prettify the joint with Fall decor and china and tablecloths and whatnot and have some folks out to watch SEC football and serve amazing food on fancy dishes.

Could be a plot. If our “fortune” is to soon be involved in many gatherings and parties, we may soon be tempted to be involved in many gatherings and parties. Get sick. Die.

OR. It’s a fortune cookie, Marica. Next thing you know you’ll be sending out get rich quick chain letters.

And speaking of getting rich quick, don’t forget to hit the Tip Jar! There’s a rather expensive 10 volume Study of History (1954) by Toynbee that we simply must have so we can learn & blog. We’re well on our way to the $625 goal but we’re not there yet! Thanks to all who have kicked in! Means a lot to me.