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In all of my sleuthing around about Charles and Mary Lamb, I did not know about this. “The suggestion for this book seems to have come from William Godwin, and was probably due to the success of Tales from Shakespeare. It was intended as an introduction to Felelon’s Télémeque’s and was first published in 1808.”

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That was helpful


Something’s Wrong w/ the blog

And I am clueless. Carry on.


Happy Thanksgiving! Off to prettify the joint a bit. Oh! That’s a piece of petrified wood at the bottom of the painting.

Goings on Pt 2 | The Italian post-doc NOW with updates

UPDATE 3: After <5 mins. discussion we made a few decisions. Hence, the Across the Garden leftover soup that we froze in mid-October is thawing nicely over a very low flame on the back of the stove. And Mr. Big Food is trying out a new enchilada recipe whose sauce is based on tomato bisque

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Travel tip

Found at AoSHQ.