I had occasion to think of Hal this evening

Published in The Commercial Appeal on Feb. 12, 2017.

He was my failed attempt at a Masters Degree advisor before I pissed him off by knowing Dan Dennett. But I learned a lot of biology from him. Claimed to be a Mississippi Boy which the Obit does not confirm.

Pretty much everything I know about periodical cicadas I learned from Hal. Never did try his recipe for sauteed cicadas, though.

Rebecca is still alive. That bridge didn’t burn. It got bombed out and was never rebuild. There are bridges between Hungary and Czechoslovakia that were rebuilt faster than the one between RZ and me.

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    1. Had I been in my 20s things would, maybe, have gone differently. But by the time I quit/got kicked out of the PhD program, I was… 48. So like a real live grownup with kids and opinions and stuff. All that stuff you hear about bullying profs is true (not for all of them but they exist). Mostly they didn’t like the fact that John, who was head of the Philosophy Dep’t, was way more successful than they were.

      No matter. I have a LOT of great war stories and no wounds so I won!

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