“Who Killed Homer?”

I had a thought and it turned out to be quite a useful thought. Helped me re-conceive the Pindar problem from earlier to day. As you can see, I made note of a few passages when I first read it.

I also realized I do not have Hesiod’s Works and Days. One cannot claim to be preserving Western Culture without Works and Days.

Nor do I have The Iliad for Boys and Girls (1924?). See above. Not linking to the A place b/c the reviews of the “new” paperbacks are really bad. Church is the author and you can find it at Bookfinder. The Odessey, too.

Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom, Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath (2001)

The audio book is $0.00!

For over two millennia in the West, familiarity with the literature, philosophy, and values of the Classical World has been synonymous with education itself. The traditions of the Greeks explain why Western Culture’s unique tenets of democracy, capitalism, civil liberty, and constitutional government are now sweeping the globe. Yet the general public in America knows less about its cultural origins than ever before, as Classical education rapidly disappears from our high school and university curricula.

Acclaimed classicists Hanson and Heath raise an impassioned call to arms: if we lose our knowledge of the Greeks, we lose our understanding of who we are. With straightforward advice and informative reading lists, the authors present a highly useful primer for anyone who wants more knowledge of Classics, and thus of the beauty and perils of our own culture.

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