Looks as if it must have been delivered to E. 5th St. at least twice if not three times.

Arrived at E. 10th St. today.

Miss M advises me to put the apartment # on separate line.

No idea who lives at 2505 E. 5th St. but it was nice of them to not just take the package and run. There were things for the grandson in there.

Here’s the thing, though. I get that the optical scanner is at “fault” but I call BS. “Delivered at front porch.” The postal person– someone with human agency– had the box in his hands and walked it onto a front porch. How does he/she miss this? How does he not ask, “Who the heck is this M___ living at this address?”

Interestingly, this Thursday’s “Chat” (people online discussing their latest works or works in progress) featured old buddy Collin Allen who’s working on the problem of getting AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) to gain practical knowledge. The sort of knowledge humans have about the right thing to do in a given circumstance.

His example of a total failure of AI having such knowledge was the driverless Uber who hit and killed a woman walking a bicycle across a crosswalk after dark. The human in the passenger seat– the human in control– was watching a movie on her phone at the time.

So we have the dash cam of what the car “sees.” Post hoc analysis of what it “thinks it sees” shows that the car recognizes the image as neither a bicycle nor a human. Interior dash cam shows the expression on the face of the human in control as she looks up. But it’s too late.

Had the woman in control been driving– and had seen what the car saw– she would have reacted as close to immediately as is humanly possible.

We’ve been seeing faces everywhere since the man in the moon. It’s what we do.

How do you “teach” a car to slam on the brakes and pull to the right?

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  1. I’m glad Miss M finally received the package. We sometimes have problems with substitute mail carriers but our usual mail person is older and reliable. He even recognizes us when we are not in our yard near the mailbox. LOL

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