Goings on Pt 2 | The Italian post-doc NOW with updates

UPDATE 3: After <5 mins. discussion we made a few decisions. Hence, the Across the Garden leftover soup that we froze in mid-October is thawing nicely over a very low flame on the back of the stove. And Mr. Big Food is trying out a new enchilada recipe whose sauce is based on tomato bisque soup. You go with the flow.

UPDATE 2: Email at 5:20. She’s still in the store and doesn’t expect to be back until 7: i fear it’s too late for a cooking, right? SORRY..

UPDATE: She left at 3:23.

I am doing the floors because the joint just looks so much better when the floors are polished. In what follows I am paraphrasing.

Lay of the land. Floors take a while so I take breaks at my desk. Mr. Big Food is in the Bunkhouse. The Italian post-doc is in the apartment. She’s cooking supper tonight and lasagne for Thanksgiving. (I’m going with the flow on that one.)

She needs some things from Kroger. Which is in Starkville. Which takes me 45 minutes to get to and her 60 minutes.

Last evening we tried to explain that the correct thing to do would be get to the Kroger today ASAP.

At 2pm we get an email from her: How are things? I’m trying to finish some ethics thing. Later I will go to Kroger.

Here I’ll just remind you that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And who are we thanking? God. And where are we? Mississippi. We trust in God and we thank him by going absolutely wild on Thanksgiving. And, I couldn’t begin to tell you if there are still size limits or whatever gatherings. No one cares. PLUS tomorrow is set to be a beautiful day so hey! we can be outside. Let’s invite second cousin five times removed and his family, too.

I gently suggest she should go sooner rather than later on account of the “pick up one last thing” because we invited 12 more people crowd. Do the math.

Next email: I will try but must finish this. Are there preparations we can do now?

Reply: We’ve got everything under control. And can cook supper if you don’t get back in time.

Mr. BF adds: what Marica is trying to explain…

So it’s now 3.

I have floors to do. I will keep you updated.