In all of my sleuthing around about Charles and Mary Lamb, I did not know about this.

“The suggestion for this book seems to have come from William Godwin, and was probably due to the success of Tales from Shakespeare. It was intended as an introduction to Felelon’s Télémeque’s and was first published in 1808.”

The History of Children’s Literature: A Syllabus with Selected Bibliographies, Elva S. Smith. American Library Association, Chicago. 1937.

There’s a whole back story here about Godwin– and his wife– a publisher. And Charles’ railing against the didactics of children’s literature of the time.

Having read the first two chapters, Charles’ heart is not in it in the same way that Mary’s was when when she did her Tales.

Plunge a dagger in the Cyclopes’ eye and move on.

You care— so I’ll tell you what I am going for.

The title of the next book is Miss Missy’s School Days. So we’ll do some days. But what we will ultimately go for is the Pageant Day– the day when the kids show off to their parents what they’ve accomplished.

The highlight of this day will be a play. Something from Ulysses.

And then there will be Teacher appreciation day.

And I swear to God is you steal my idea the Cyclops is gonna get you.