To Purge Our Souls

I need to reevaluate my use of the word “crappy.”

I stubbled upon a really nice book up on the 2nd floor of the Book Mart. It was marked “15–” and when I inquired about the pricing, the girl said, “2.” And I was fine with that. Especially since she didn’t know what a treasure this book is.

Four Years of Novel Reading: An Account of an Experiment in Popularizing the Study of Fiction. Richard G. Moulton, ed. D.C. Heath & Co., Publishers, Boston. 1896.

It’s a small little book, but it’s really quite something for its age.

In 1896 everyone was telling everyone else what was worth reading, and what was not. You will recall that the Pocket University Library Guide to Daily Reading— that we spent months on– was pretty didactic.

This is a really interesting little book.

Stay tuned. We will return to it tomorrow.