A Good Day’s Work

Needs some curly-Qs or something.

Hornbook context. Brilliant idea context. The internet is stupid context.

Please to sit down.

If you attend to the 6-point font in the bottom left, you will see these words:

“Book cover from The Age We Live In: A History of the Nineteenth Century, from the Peace of 1815 to the Present Time, James Taylor (1888)”

A traditional hornbook is made from a slab of wood and has a handle. I considered this, and then I rejected firing up the circular saw. Maybe if the J-Man still lived here… .

So I decided to commit a sin and deface a book.

Years ago I bought a box of books and when I finally figured out how they were organized, I realized I had duplicates. Duplicates are ornaments. So I’m gonna cut one open.


Yes I am.

Because if you weigh teaching ‘Phen Latin against defacing a duplicate book… .

I have priorities.

And so now all I have to do is cut away that spine… .