“I have featured the magnificant old Cincinnati Public Library in previous book threads (see here and here) but never knew much about it, other than it was just an old building that is no longer standing. But wait, there’s more:

First constructed in 1874, Old Cincinnati Library was built on a site intended for an opera house…

From the gorgeous chequered marble flooring to the massive arched skylight ceiling, the library was a feat of architectural beauty. Cast iron shelves teeming with books spread across the four-story main hall, creating a labyrinth of literature that was a sight to behold for patrons.

The huge glass ceiling flooded the library with natural light, providing ample illumination for those searching through the endless catalogue of books -it’s though the total capacity was an incredible 300,000!

“This is from Photographs of the Enchanting Old Cincinnati Library from 1847-1955, which, as the title suggests, includes more great photos.”

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