A trip to the city

Mr. Big Food and I left The Farm and traveled to the Bigger City today. It was slow going. Got behind a tractor on a little country road. Driver wasn’t wearing a mask in an open cab. Just like that, he fell over and out of the cab! Fortunately, he fell out on the ditch side. We sort of felt bad not stopping but, you know, he wasn’t wearing a mask.

A little further on down the road we came upon a trash collection crew. That made us feel better. They’ll find him.

Stopped in at a Stop & Rob. They were using the Beer Cave to keep the Neanderthals who entered sans mask, and keeled over in the aisles, cool until the morgue folk can get there. It might be a while.

No one died at the doctor’s office because, you know, everyone was wearing a mask.

The used bookstore I went in was another matter. I did find a book I wanted, but I couldn’t buy it. The maskless guy to whom I would have given my credit card was slumped over the counter, dead as a doornail.

And that’s a wrap from Neanderthaland!