Traveled to the formerly charming Southern City of Memphis* today. Only had four near vehicular death experiences, and saw only three wrecks. Took the back way home which had only minor can’t text and stay in my lane problems on the outskirts.

While sitting in the parking lot of a high rise building on Poplar in a decent neighborhood (Whole Foods only blocks away), saw a guy zoom into the lot, pull up in front of a large dumpster, get out, climb on the dumpster’s ledge, and look in. Apparently nothing too interesting as he departed into the neighborhood and proceeded to peep into the dumpsters at the ends of driveways. Musta been trash day.

No offense to those who live in cities but I, for one, do not know how you tolerate this. Give me back roads, farmers’ waves, and hand-painted signs alerting me to the fact that the porch swings, rockers, and picnic tables on display in your front yard are for sale any old day of the week and I’ll be happy.

*I’m glad I knew Memphis when it was such. Before the Tupperware Ladies and Mike Tyson’s pimps and whores invaded the Peabody (correctly pronounced, Pibbidy). It was a long time ago.