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About the Week in Pictures

It was not very good. It just wasn’t. I downloaded a few and went back to look at them and said, “Why bother?” This was probably the best one, in my opinion. But to get it– to appreciate the humor– you have to know the TV show which it came. I do but for the

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It’s Like Living in the Country!

So today, I saw two very odd birds. One perched on the fence, the other on the tree. They flew around. I quietly snuck back into house, got a camera… There were multiple text messages. We decided it was a Green Heron. And then, I was just minding my own business working away at my

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We are back…

… but not without incident. Went to the Gulf. Ate wonderful seafood. Cooked seafood in the rental that’s not really set up for cooking seafood, but we’re resourceful. No fishing but that’s another story. Absolutely delightful Sunday brunch at The Chimneys. Turned North. Just north of Hattiesburg the truck informed us that its engine thought

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