We are back…

but not without incident.

Went to the Gulf. Ate wonderful seafood. Cooked seafood in the rental that’s not really set up for cooking seafood, but we’re resourceful. No fishing but that’s another story. Absolutely delightful Sunday brunch at The Chimneys.

Turned North.

Just north of Hattiesburg the truck informed us that its engine thought it was too hot to go another mile. Okay.

Pulled over. Waited. Brain stormed.

Ah ha!

There’s a “Take 5” drive through oil change place in Laurel open seven days a week. Call.

Nine miles. And we’d been pulled over for 30 mins. Good to go.

So we pull in and the dude says they top off for free. Five and one half quarts of coolant is not exactly topping off. So John gave the kid $20. They also topped off the oil. See here for the saga of the oil change.

So I just want to comment that when I get the oil changed at the place in Starkvegas that reassures me they check all of the fluid level, I’ve come to realize they’ve lied to me. There was no coolant in the reservoir. None.

We’re home. Without the dogs. Fewer than 12 hours until we reunite. Then all will be well.

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