It’s Like Living in the Country!

So today, I saw two very odd birds. One perched on the fence, the other on the tree. They flew around. I quietly snuck back into house, got a camera…

There were multiple text messages. We decided it was a Green Heron.

And then, I was just minding my own business working away at my desk and some motion caught my attention. A freaking coyote in the back yard. No. It was not a dog. You can tell by the way it walks. TIGER!! I scooped Tiger up and put him inside.

And then again, the coyote. On the range. And all the while the dogs were silent.

Went out to take some trash out and two gold finches flew by. Way too yellow for this time of year.

Sat back down and who should show up in the back yard but the doe and her fawn. She’d given birth in the over grown (fenced in) pasture. Mr. Big Food reported the other day that she was trying to get the younin’ to jump the fence, but it wasn’t big enough yet. Today they made the break.