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Tin Foil

Forgot one of the best ones. So it gets its own post! From Powerline’s The Week in Pictures.

Thunderbolts and Lightning

Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

Getting square with my new truck

I like that I can tell you that I want the lights to be always on. But I’m not seeing how to turn the fog lights on. It’s one thing for you to anticipate what I’m going to do. It’s another for you to think you are in charge. I am the driver. You are

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A Country Mouse Trip to Town

Once a month I pay two bills in town on the same day: the electric bill, and the insurance bill. The electric bill is now two bills: the electric bill, and the fiberoptic internet bill. A couple of years ago the legislature of Mississippi gave the electric co-ops the go-ahead to string fiber-optic cable and

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Dogs of Shakespeare