Big Life Update

How is everyone doing? Lots going on here at the Farm!

The neighbor’s dog had puppies! Saw them getting some fresh air yesterday on our way home. Mama was barking her head off when I backed up and pulled over to take the picture. I’m pretty sure that if they co-ordinated their efforts, they could plow down that fence in nothing flat. I’m also pretty sure they don’t know this yet!

Mr. Big Food and I took Missy and Rocky up to the Summit today for a sniff.

And then a run.

Found the missing paragraph in Miss Missy’s School and the book designer figured out what happened. It was the design firm’s mistake, but I’d signed off on it in December. She gave me a discount on the fix. If you bought Miss Missy’s School Book I: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School, and thought something was amiss in the dialog between pages 43 and 44, you are correct! It’s fixed now.

Here is the paragraph that should be at the top of page 44:

“Well, of course I do and that’s what I said. You must have misheard, Marica. Perhaps you should have your hearing checked,” Missy recommended. “As I was saying, with everyone else otherwise occupied, I thought I would take a stroll through the kitchen to see if there was anything irresistible on the tab… Errr. I mean, to see if the floor needed to be cleaned.”

I will make it up to you.


Oh! Have I announced here that I had a short story accepted at a literary journal. Got paid real $$. (About 8 gallons worth of gas!) It’s for grownups. It’s rather dark. In a good way. Nothing bad actually happens but you don’t know that until the last page. It was fun writing. Miss M has told me I cannot write anymore dark stuff and I’m fine with that!

Working on another short story and must get this done asap.

Did not find the missing books of quotations at the charity thrift shop, but did find a nice biography of Thurber, and a Cambridge History of English Lit. The entry on Chas. Lamb is nice. It does justice to Mary.

New short story’s dog is Archy. Archimedes. Main character is a mathematical genius turned philosopher of mathematics who elegantly solved (in the background to the story, not actually part of the story) Fermat’s Last Theorem. Hit the big time with a practical application. $$ Moved to redneckland. We’ll see if it works.

Point is, I will be doing some reposting for the next few weeks! Eleven year’s worth of content, it will be okay!

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